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Our Belief

It is our belief that all children are unique, have different abilities, and learn in their own way.  They learn best when they guide, direct, and follow their interests through play and have a long period of playtime to practice skills.  These beginning skills are the foundation for interaction with others that will take them into adulthood and the world. We will follow the ideals and guidelines as outlined below.

Characteristics of Play

  • Play is fun, and free of external rules.

  • It is spontaneous and voluntary.

  • It requires the active involvement of players.

  • It requires the use of imagination and long periods of practice.

  • It uses symbolic play with objects and incorporates role-playing.

5 Areas of Growth

Spiritual Growth

We celebrate each child as a gift from God. Our curriculum seeks to incorporate Christian values through teachable moments, Bible stories and songs.

Social Growth

We encourage children to work together and show respect for one another in social and play situations. Our focus is to encourage a positive self-image while building the skills of independence.

Emotional Growth

Preschool children are constantly exploring their emotions and ways in which to channel their thoughts and feelings. We strive to provide the tools children need to gain emotional growth while working and playing together in group situations.

Physical Growth

Children are given the opportunity to grow and develop physically in the areas of fine and large motor skills. We build on the natural abilities of each child while offering challenges and opportunities for success.

Cognitive Growth

Teachers carefully plan and develop curriculum based on the emerging needs and interest of their class. Daily plans focus on providing opportunities for children to explore and learn basic skills such as problem solving, classification and recognition, the essential framework for future successes in reading, writing, math, science, art, music and social studies.

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