Welcome to

Children of Peace
Daycare & Preschool

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Our Mission & Philosophy

We at Peace Lutheran Church, have established a day care program in which we provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children of our congregation and community. Here the children will live and grow and learn in an atmosphere of Christian love and will know that they are children of God and loved by Him, through the teaching, care, and commitment of a Christian staff.


Children of Peace Preschool/Day Care is a ministry of Peace Lutheran Church serving families with children from ages 33 months to age 12 or 5th grade.   We offer a flexible program and try to fit to your needs including preschool, before & after care and summer care!

  • We are committed to bringing children to know Jesus

  • We desire to minister to families

  • We recognize the growing need for quality day care

  • We choose to be a positive force in the community


Our Approach

It is our belief that all children are unique, have different abilities, and learn in their own way.  They learn best when they guide, direct, and follow their interests through play and have a long period of playtime to practice skills.  These beginning skills are the foundation for interaction with others that will take them into adulthood and the world.